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We order from there maybe twice a week and their food is always OUTSTANDING, every time and all the time. Their have a very friendly staff and delivery people. They always call if an order can't be fulfilled or else and they are always professional at all hours of the day. We can't get enough of Old John's and we are so happy to have such an amazing place in our neighborhood. Old John's raises the bar in terms of food and service in our UWS neighborhood and they deserve to be praised. I highly recommend ordering from them, you won't be disappointed.


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Food was great and the delivery guy was amazing.. Highly recommend this place..

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I took another reviewer's advice of getting the Burger, and had my cravings completely satisfied. The Bun-cheese-patty ratios were perfect, it was juicy despite being cooked to medium (my order request) and was very flavorful. This is honestly the best burger I have had in a while. I also ordered the egg cream, grapefruit juice, and rice pudding. The egg cream was delicious, though it loses a bit of the froth upon delivery, and not too sweet.
The grapefruit juice did not taste freshly squeezed. The rice pudding was a little on the sweet side but clearly homemade, and very well done. The grains were neither overcooked nor undercooked, and the pudding was not so thick that it had to be cut with a knife. I would order everything again except for the grapefruit juice.


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This is why I love this restaurant: I am looking for an entree meal. When I order from diners, i don't get a meat, starch and fresh vegetables. When I order from the more expensive restaurants, I have to pay extra for a side order of vegetables and extra for a side starch, if they even have them. So a meal from another restaruant costs me at least $40 for the full meal or it is diner sandwiches. I have been having delivery here for 15 years and love that I know it is a good reasonably priced full meal of meat, starch, non-frozen vegetables and plus! a side salad. And the portions are reasonable (and not obesity size portions). I hope the high rents never force them out of the area.


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Best diner in NYC. Chicken noodle is made with real chicken btoth and is comforting and healthy. If you're in the area pay them a visit, the staff os incredible.


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Really good. I went and ate at the restaurant the other day. Avoid the steak tips, they are bland, but everything else I've had was great.


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Burger and fries were pretty good for the price. Onion rings were good, not my favorite but good! Got it earlier than expected too

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